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Stop Hunting, Start Thinking!

Endangered Animals-Cats
Endangered Animals-Dogs(and closely related animals.)
Perissodactyla- Odd Toed Mammals
Endangered Marsupials
Endangered Bears
Artiodactlyla-Even Toed Mammals


All of these animals that you will be looking at are endangered, and most of them are animals that we talk about,such as, tigers- Bengal, Dogs- Gray Wolf, and many more. and those animals are endangered, and could go extinct forever.

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All of these beautiful animals that we see every day and admire, will be extinct if don't do something soon. People in all countries are destroying animal habitats in different ways, such as: making new buildings and destinations, hunting, and pullouting. All we have to do is respect our widlife! Would you like animals to take over and destroy all our homes???I don't think so, you should be thankful of what we have been giving in this world! Imagine a world without this animals! How dull would that be!

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